Sister Coop Update: The Impact of Hurricane Maria

Nelson Alvarez Febles, Puerto Rican agroecologist, food activist and author spoke on June 22nd in Hardwick, VT about the many ongoing efforts to promote food sovereignty, small farms, and agroecology as important strategies for recovery and resilience in the face of climate disruptions such as Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Nelson serves on the Board of Cooperativa Orgánica Madre Tierra, Buffalo Mountain’s Sister Coop in San Juan.   As part of his presentation, Nelson also shared some before and after pictures from the farm of one of our Sister Coop members.  Click the link to view the photos.

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Why Have a Sister Co-op?

by Myrna Miranda-O’Neill

Principle #6 of the Cooperative Principles: Cooperation among co-operatives

When I’ve been asked why our coop has a Sister Co-op, the short answer is, because “it is what we do.”  One of our guiding principles is to help other co-ops, but I believe that as a co-operative community and as part of a cooperative movement we look for alternatives to build a prosperous equitable community and for sincere ways to connect and respond to need at home and abroad with the intention of empowering each other.

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Local Organic Lettuce on Sale!

The start to fresh and flavorful salads await you at the Co-op!  All varieties of local lettuce are 10% off for members all through June in the Produce section!

Summer Stock-Up Sale!

aijiri tea
Fill your pantry with yummy foods with companies with a mission to help get you through the summer months!  Including, but not limited to:  Ajiri Teas: 25% off!  Great for making up a batch of iced tea -you get handmade art, too!  Ajiri is a Kenyan based company, employing and empowering women, 100% of profits go toward education for orphans.  Egregio Olive Oils: 20% off!  Egregio is brought to us by Oleoestepa, the Spain based co-op.  Appalachian Naturals Salad Dressing: All flavors 20% off!  Massachusetts based, they buy as much of their ingredients from local farmers.  And much more, including organic, vegan, gluten-free, drinkable Fawen soups, and clean, crisp GUS sodas!