Buffalo Mountain Bollywood Dance Club!

Wake up to the spring with some Bollywood dance moves! There is now a FREE Buffalo Mountain Bollywood Dance Club, led by dance enthusiasts Emily Lanxner and Heather Davis. They have been meeting periodically over the winter at the Hardwick Memorial Building, learning some fun choreography and getting things organized so that we can build our dance community and have fun getting a little exercise. Please join in and help this to grow.  Watch this space for future dates and times.  Next meeting: Tuesday, April 246:30 – 7:30pm, at Hardwick Memorial Building. FREE.

Mud Season Survival/Recovery Member Sale!

Look for deals on some “muddy” products, as well as a few items to help sooth your nerves after braving the muddy roads to and from home.  And a special appearance by the Road Crew with 15% off Road Crew Clusters, tasty snacks with flavors like: Peanut Butter Pass, Toasted Coconut Turn and Dark Chocolate Detour (available while supplies last).

Tony’s Chocolonely is Here!

tony's chocolonelyWelcome new products from Tony’s Chocolonely, big chocolate bars with a big mission. Tony’s mission:  “As a chocolate company we lead by example and activate industry, politics and consumers to bring about change. Alone we make slave free chocolate, together we make all chocolate 100% slave free.  Not just our chocolate. No. All chocolate worldwide. When there is really no more slavery in the chocolate industry, then we will have achieved our goal.”