Winter 2006

 In this issue:

  • A Note From the Board by Michael Lew-Smith 
  • How “Local” is Local
  • Snow Dance at Mount Ascutney Ski Resort by Phyllis Rachel Larrabee
  • 2 Planting Hope-Sponsored Trips to Nicaragua for 2007 by Helen Beattie & Sarah Morgan
  • About Nicaragua 
  • Trust by Peggy Saphire
  • Everything you need to know about E.Coli and Organics
  • Buffalo Mountain C0-0p Kid’s Page 2006

Fall 2006

In this issue:

  • North Country Thrift by Phyllis Rachel Larrabee 
  • Co-ops to Kids:An Online Resource for Improving School Nutrition
  • Farm Fresh Milk is a Direct Link Between Farmers and Their Local Communities! by our friends at Rural Vermont 
  • Looking North by Pavel Cenkl
  • Tagine of Local Summer Vegetables with Quinoa by Steven Obranovich
  • E. coli and You by Tim Hogeboom
  • Buffalo Bills?!? by Zarina