Protect Pollinators: Legislative Strategy Meeting

Wednesday August 15th, 6:00-8:00pm, Buffalo Mountain Co-op Cafe
Join local representative Chip Troiano and Sierra Club member Judy Bellairs to discuss efforts to pass legislation to protect pollinators. Judy and Chip will review what happened during the 2018 session, when the Chip’s bill H.688 was introduced, following the recommendations of the house-appointed pollinator protection committee. Unanswered questions include – why did several members of the committee end up testifying AGAINST the very measures they recommended in their report? What was the backlash against the recommendations, and why didn’t the bill pass? We will be exploring these questions and more, as well as looking into plans for the upcoming year to strengthen testimony and constituent engagement throughout Vermont with this important issue of pollinator protection.

Pronature Pet Food Program

pronatureThere is a new pet food program in town for all!  Pronature Life pet food buyers: Buy 12 and get the 13th bag FREE!!!  There will be cards at the registers for customers to fill out and keep on file. Inspired by nature and a love for animals, all Pronature products are proudly manufactured in Canada by a family-owned business established in 1969 and distributed in over 35 countries.


2018 International Day of Cooperatives

international day of cooperativesThe 2018 International Day of Cooperatives will be celebrated on July 7th!  The theme is “Sustainable consumption and production”, creating an opportunity for cooperatives to show how they run successful businesses while respecting our natural environment and the resources it offers.  Cooperatives have sustainability in their DNA, with ‘concern for community’ as the seventh of their guiding principles.  Click here to read more on the United Nations website.

Where’s Waldo?

where's waldoIconic Children’s Book Character Continues to Create Summertime Fun to Support the Shop Local Movement!

Where’s Waldo? In Hardwick-Greensboro, of course! The iconic children’s book character in the red-and-white-striped shirt and black-rimmed specs is visiting twenty-five local businesses throughout our community this July.  Find Waldo Local is a great summer vacation activity and a wonderful way to support local businesses and the Shop Local movement in our community, including The Village Restaurant, Whistle Emporium, The Hardwick Inn Clothing Company, Old Friends, The Hardwick Village Market, The Greensboro Garage, Buffalo Mountain Coop and many more!

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Sister Coop Update: The Impact of Hurricane Maria

Nelson Alvarez Febles, Puerto Rican agroecologist, food activist and author spoke on June 22nd in Hardwick, VT about the many ongoing efforts to promote food sovereignty, small farms, and agroecology as important strategies for recovery and resilience in the face of climate disruptions such as Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Nelson serves on the Board of Cooperativa Orgánica Madre Tierra, Buffalo Mountain’s Sister Coop in San Juan.   As part of his presentation, Nelson also shared some before and after pictures from the farm of one of our Sister Coop members.  Click the link to view the photos.

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Why Have a Sister Co-op?

by Myrna Miranda-O’Neill

Principle #6 of the Cooperative Principles: Cooperation among co-operatives

When I’ve been asked why our coop has a Sister Co-op, the short answer is, because “it is what we do.”  One of our guiding principles is to help other co-ops, but I believe that as a co-operative community and as part of a cooperative movement we look for alternatives to build a prosperous equitable community and for sincere ways to connect and respond to need at home and abroad with the intention of empowering each other.

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