Delicious, wholesome, locally-based, beautiful food in a relaxed space.   Kitchen open Monday-Friday, 8am – 2pm; Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Seating and self-serve coffee, tea, baked goods, grab & go deli items, and soup always available whenever the store is open.  Call us for take out orders or catering information:  802-472-6020.

Cafe Menu

*we can make it gluten-free
**or vegan

Breakfast – served all day

Egg Sandwich*: one local organic egg, fried over hard and topped with cheddar, served on your choice of toast or an English Muffin  $4.95
–add pesto, tomato, or avocado $1.00ea
–add ham, bacon, or sausage $2.00ea
–one slice bacon  $1.25

Two and two*: two eggs, scrambled or fried, served with two slices of buttered toast or an English Muffin $5.95
–add ham, bacon, or sausage $7.95

cafe staffVegan Sunrise**: tofu or tempeh scrambled with our choice of veggies, seasoned with turmeric, Bragg’s and garlic, served with your choice of toast spread with Earth Balance $6.50

Omelet of the day*: our rotating selection of delicious fillings folded in two fluffy eggs with cheddar, served with buttered toast or an English Muffin.  $6.95

Breakfast Burrito*: two scrambled eggs, cheddar or swiss, seasoned black beans wrapped in a flour tortilla served with salsa or sour cream.  $6.95
–add ham,bacon or sausage  $8.95

For the Munchkins…
Cheesy Egg*: one egg scrambled with cheddar and served with a slice of buttered toast.  $3.95


Protein: bacon, sausage, ham, turkey, tofu or tempeh  $2.50
Toast: 2 slices of your choice  $2.25
Add an egg  $1.25
Add tomato, pesto, avocado  $1.00ea
Root veggie hash brown  $2.50ea

Lunch – served from 11:30am to 2pm

Build Your Own Sandwich** : Check out our card for choices to make your sandwich, your way. $7.95

Salad: a large bed of seasonal veggies, topped with tofu, tempeh, turkey, ham or chicken curry. Served with housemade maple balsamic. $8.95
–Just the veggies $5.95
–Side Salad $3.50

Reuben*: The local favorite! turkey or tempeh with housemade Russian dressing, swiss and sauerkraut, grilled on pumpernickel or rye.  $8.50

Grilled Cheese*: cheddar or swiss grilled on your choice of bread.  $4.50
Make it fancy…
–add tomato, pesto, avocado  $1.00ea
–add ham or turkey  $2.00ea

BLT or TLT*/**: bacon, lettuce and tomato or grilled tempeh, lettuce and tomato.  Vegan mayo available.  $7.50

Quesadilla*: cheddar grilled in a whole wheat tortilla, spiced or not, served with salsa or sour cream.  $4.95
–add black beans  $1.00
–add ham or turkey  $2.00

Burrito Grande*: A cafe classic! sauteed and seasoned local veggies, mixed with organic black beans, melted cheddar, and rice nicely spiced, wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with salsa and sour cream.  $8.50

Rice Veggie Bowl**: seasonal vegetable abundance sauteed into a delicious medley topped with your choice of tofu, tempeh or turkey, served on a bed of organic brown rice.  Dressed with Bragg’s and sesame oil.  $8.50

Special of the Day: local organic veggies and/or organic meats whipped into a tasty treat at a good price just for you!  See the menu board for details.

Delicious Soup:
8 oz. small  $2.95
16 oz. large  $4.95

blueberry muffinsBeverages

Smoothie (seasonal): fruit, yogurt, milk (ask for non-dairy options), ask for nutritional additions.  $5.50

Chai Latte, hot or iced:

8 oz. small  $2.00
12 oz. large  $2.50
16 oz. large  $3.00

Hot Chocolate w/warm milk:

8 oz. small  $2.00
12 oz. large  $2.50
16 oz. large  $3.00

Coffee: always $1.25 with your own cup or travel mug

8 oz. small or Cafe mug $1.25
12 oz. medium  $1.50
16 oz. large  $1.75

Tea, any size, one bag  $1.25