Spring/Summer Bullsheet!

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Winter/Spring Bullsheet 2016

Winter/Spring 2016

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The Fall Bullsheet is Here!

In this issue:

  • Celebrate Fair Trade Month in October vegan-witches
  • Celebrate Co-op Month — Connect with Your Local Co-ops! 
  • Vegecation: Turnips
  • Adventures in Dry Goods: Millet
  • Produce Matters: The Quality Life for our Fruits and Veggies 
  • Chicken, It’s what’s for Dinner
  • Tales from the Barnyard; or Walking with Gaia
  • Daily Approach to Back Care
  • Coop Calendar
  • Learning Exchange
  • Recipes
  • Clean Food
  • Board Update
  • It’s Co-op Month! Do you know the 7 Cooperative Priniciples?
  • Food for Thought 
  • Attorney Gen Announces Public Meetings for GMO Labeling Rules
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Summer Bullsheet

GMO Labeling Updatefree poop
Visioning Update
Produce Matters
Local Farmer’s Markets
Vegecation: Green Beans
Tales from the Barnyard
Coop Calendar
Learning Exchange
Working Member Facts
MoCo Update
Recipes & DIY
Adventures in Dry Goods:  Xanthan Gum
Pet Food News
Food For Thought
Universal Back
ground Checks

Spring Bullsheet Is Here!

Spring 2014

  • Creating a Shared Vision of the Coop’s Future by The Visioning Committeehardwick winter
  • Why Vermonters Want GMO Labeling by VT Right to Know GMO Coalition
  • Produce Matters: My Past, My Future, My Food by Jon Pepe
  • Vegecation: Yams & Sweet Potatoes
  • Coop Calendar
  • Coop Workshops
  • Learning Exchange
  • Adventures in Dry Goods: Nutritional Yeast
  • Meat Locker: Meat Department Transformation by Miranda Hunt
  • Member/Owner Visioning Survey
  • Food for Thought by Suzanna Jones
  • Working Member Opportunities
  • Build a Stronger Hardwick by Rose Friedman
  • Board Announcements
  • 2013 In Review
  • Chaga and the Wild Harvesting Dilemma by Michael Vertolli
  • Recipes & DIY

    • Grow Real Grass for Your Easter Baskets
    • Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake
    • West African Ground Nut Stew
    • Peppered Polenta Goodness
  • Café Art Exhibits
  • Tales from the Barnyard; or Where Is Spring When You Really Need It? by Olive Ylin

Winter Bullsheet

Winter 2014

  • Non-GMO Project by Kate Arnold & Rachel Daveywinter bison
    50 Shades of Gluten (Intolerance) by Chris Kresser
  • Fedco Seed Orders
  • Vegecation: Onions
  •  Produce Matters  by Jon Pepe
  • Learning Exchange
  • News from Our Neighbors
  • Tales from the Barnyard by Olive Ylin
  • Food for Thought by Suzanna Jones
  • Board Report by Chris Duff & Steve Gorelick
  • Palm Oil, The Destroyer by Angela Apicelli
  • Recipes & DIY  compiled by Rachel Davey
  • Adventures in Dry Goods: Quinoa

Fall Bullsheet

Fall 2013 issue:

  • October is Coop Month
  • The Power of Coops  by Erbin Crowell
  • Vegecation by Rachel Davey
  • Ode to Celeriac     by Constance Firosz
  • Buffalo Tracks
  • Learning Exchange
  •  Food For Thought   submitted by Suzanna Jones
  •  Tales from the Barnyard    by Olive Ylin
  •  Fair Trade Month
  •  Non-GMO Month
  •  Recipes & DIY    compiled by Rachel Davey
  •  Cast Iron Care    compiled by Rachel Davey
  •  Board Report    by Beth Cate
  •  MolÔtzapku-ol    by Phyllis Rachel Larrabee
  •  Coop Calendar

Bullsheet: The Localvore & Preserve Edition

Don’t miss this year’s special edition of the Bullsheet.

This year it is in two parts: Part One is loaded with food preservation tips, recipes and workshops. Part Two is your guide to Localvore Week. Read it now! Local & Preserve 2013

Summer Bullsheet is here!

Hot off the presses – Click here for the Summer edition of the Bullsheetlocalvore loser

  • Tales from the Barnyard
  • Food For Thought
  • Bag It!
  • Cattails
  • Survey Results
  • Learning Exchange
  • News from the Board
  • Authentic Parenting
  • Vegecation
  • Produce Matters
  • Recipes
  • Got Lentils?
  • Fun In the Sun
  • Coop Calendar
  • Cilantro: A World Divided

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To Boycott or not to Boycott –

that is for you to decide…

By Staff Member, Annie Gaillard

Organic Consumers Association, a watchdog organization for the organic industry, has called for a boycott on companies who donated money to defeat California’s Genetically Modifies Organism Labeling Law, A.K.A. Prop. 37.  Between Monsanto, other genetic engineering companies and many large food companies, …….

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