Spring Bullsheet Is Here!

Spring 2014

  • Creating a Shared Vision of the Coop’s Future by The Visioning Committeehardwick winter
  • Why Vermonters Want GMO Labeling by VT Right to Know GMO Coalition
  • Produce Matters: My Past, My Future, My Food by Jon Pepe
  • Vegecation: Yams & Sweet Potatoes
  • Coop Calendar
  • Coop Workshops
  • Learning Exchange
  • Adventures in Dry Goods: Nutritional Yeast
  • Meat Locker: Meat Department Transformation by Miranda Hunt
  • Member/Owner Visioning Survey
  • Food for Thought by Suzanna Jones
  • Working Member Opportunities
  • Build a Stronger Hardwick by Rose Friedman
  • Board Announcements
  • 2013 In Review
  • Chaga and the Wild Harvesting Dilemma by Michael Vertolli
  • Recipes & DIY

    • Grow Real Grass for Your Easter Baskets
    • Lemon Almond Ricotta Cake
    • West African Ground Nut Stew
    • Peppered Polenta Goodness
  • Café Art Exhibits
  • Tales from the Barnyard; or Where Is Spring When You Really Need It? by Olive Ylin


  1. Donna O'Malley says:

    When is the next Bullsheet coming out? As a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship I have told folks at GunSense VT (many of them moms of young kids) that I would table to pass out materials and help advocate for the Universal Background Check legislation. I am way behind in my responsibility with this, so missed the June Newsletter. Perhaps I should gather information and write something for the next Bullsheet — would you take it if I do. When is the deadline?

    I was asked to table at the Farmer’s Market this summer, but I expect I’ll need to get permission to do that. I will look into it. If I am not able, do you know if the coop would let me put up a table outside some Friday afternoons or early evening?

    Thanks of being my connection
    Donna O’Malley

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