New Arrivals in the Dairy Section!

Lot’s ‘o Labneh. We’re getting 2 different types of this delicious mid-Eastern-style yogurt cheese. It’s high protein, delicious and versatile. We have Sweet Cow brand labneh from Sweet Cow Farm in West Newbury Vt. This one’s already mixed with cucumber and dill, so it’s absolutely ready to go. We have sheep milk labneh from Cate Hill Orchard in Greensboro. It’s got a bright tangy taste, and rich firm texture. Eat it straight from the jar, or mix it with any kind of fruit, jam, or herbs and use as a dip, or as a topping for bread or vegetables. We also carry Cate Hill Farm Sheep Skyr, which is milder, and more yogurt-like. Both Cate Hill products are packed in glass jars.

Speaking of dips, have you tried the Good Culture organic cottage cheese with Kalamata olives ? This is another quick, high protein snack, ready to eat with a spoon or as a dip with fresh veggies.

There are lots of new products in the non-dairy section of the dairy department. We’re pretty crowded in there, so check for places where we stock two different flavors or different brands in the same row.

Oh, and DeeLicious Raw vegan cheesecake slices! These are kept in the ice cream freezer near the pie crusts. We’re on our third case already, and we just started carrying it in July!