Localvore? Localvore Week???  Well, a Localvore is an individual who eats food raised within a 100 mile radius of where they are at. We are challenging you to be a localvore for the week, a day, or even just a meal.

On Thursday Febuary 21rd, we will be transforming our produce display to be 100% local for the week, so no bananas, avocados, citrus, etc. We’ll have our winter seasonal menu available with loads of localvore recipes for you to try. There will be signage throughout the rest of the Coop to highlight our other localvore products.

But why?

To increase awareness about how important OUR local food system is.

To inspire a healthy diet while primarily using organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in our region.

To encourage dialogue about the consequences that industrialized farming has had and continues to have on our planet.

To see what local foods are available to us this particular time of year.

To help us prepare for future seasons and shortages when fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t readily available and for when we may no longer afford to buy imported foods.

To reduce our reliance on fossil fuels that provides us with food.

To promote canning, drying, storing and other food preservation practices.

To highlight our local products, vegetables, and the dedicated farmers who grow them.

To find great appreciation in the local produce and also in the produce that comes from so far away- remembering that it is quite a feat of modern technology and finite resources that we get to indulge in such variety so often.

To generate ideas and dialogue about our collective future on the planet and how we can affect our carbon footprint as a community by what we invest our time, energy and money into.

To step out of our comfort zone and see how it goes!

This could be a great educational opportunity for our children as they see the changes this week and contemplate what people did in the past before modern resources/technology and what we may need to do differently in the future and why.

Think of this as a celebration of what our area has to offer…  not being deprived.


PS – We will also be celebrating this week by hosting a contra dance and potluck (and recipe contest!!!) at the East Hardwick Grange on Saturday February 23rd… Bring a dish of local food with your recipe to share. Bring plates and utensils and a smile. Bring clean shoes and your dancing mojo. A good time will be had by all.


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