Board Member Elections – March 15-April 7

Choose the newest four members of the Board. There are seven candidates to choose from this year. Check out their bios below and come in to the coop and make your choice.





Members must be current in their dues to vote.

Only one vote per person.

Ballots will be counted at Annual Meeting  on April 7th


Joanna Beresford

I see being on the Board as a great opportunity to get more connected to great people and a great place, and a chance to learn about the inner workings of our community.  My primary reason for wanting to join the Board, is a feeling that turbulent times are probably on the horizon. We’re SO fortunate to have the strong hub of the co-op as a major community asset, already thriving and buzzing with life! Being more intimately involved in the workings of the Coop creates a huge opportunity to be part of the solution, helping to deepen community resilience. The challenge I see fast approaching is: How can we best preserve the financial and social capital of the Coop as well as other intangible assets?

Allison Bogan

My partner Andrew and I moved to Hardwick last summer.  I joined Hardwick Chiropractic straight from practicing chiropractic in Peru, South America.  When I’m not working, I can be found cooking, reading and enjoying and exploring the great outdoors. I have a strong background in Finance and Marketing, as well as community health.

I have really enjoyed the community within and around Hardwick, and I feel pulled to become more involved and offer my service and support to the community, however I am able. I have begun to get involved with Aware in Hard-wick and joined the coop in September 2012. I enjoy being a working member when I can and would love to become further involved in the coop; a place that I see as a hub for health, community activism and connection, and promoting freedom and choice.

Steven Gorelick

I’ve been on the Board for two years now, filling the role of Treasurer for the past year.  I hope to remain part of the Board as it addresses a number of important issues:  member equity, employee compensation and benefits, clarifying the roles of the Board and the Collective, and – perhaps most important of all – how the Co-op manages growth


Bruce Kaufman (no picture available)

Bruce is farmer at Riverside Farm in East Hardwick. He has served on the board many times, most often at Treasurer, He is committed to making Buffalo Mountain Coop the best in the nation!

Nancy Kellogg

Four and a half years ago I first dis-covered Hardwick and the Buffalo Mountain Coop on a ‘site visit’ with the Sustainable Business and Communities program at Goddard College. I knew immediately this was the community I wanted to be planted in. For years I attended Quaker business meetings (in WI and Plainfield) to witness and participate in the collaborative, consensus process of Friends. My passions are climate science communication, biochar development, reinvigorating agriculture in the Grange, gardening, and enjoying the NEK community. I feel fortunate to have worked with the Coop as a vendor and employee over the past year and a half. I‘m running for the board because I want to contribute service to the Coop and support the ongoing vibrant health of BMC.

Michael Lew-Smith

Michael lives in Hardwick and is an ecologist/botanist who does environ-mental work throughout the state.  He also helps run a small organic farm where he and his family raise beef and apples.   Michael previously served on the Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op board for six years, five of which were served as the chair.

 Jason Miller

I can often be seen clogging up the aisles of the coop with my three kids (and, occasionally my wife Rachael), but that’s one of the things I love about out little coop; it’s homey in that small house where you know everyone and know where everything is kind of way. For the past two years I’ve enjoyed representing you on the board even as we’ve worked to implement Policy Governance and made other efforts to improve the coop without changing it too much. With your support, I’ll be able to continue to serve.

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