2013 Customer Survey

Please share your thoughts with us and help us better serve you. Fill out this year’s survey and be entered into a raffle. We have a Printable Version (available in stores) and an On-line Version (much faster) for your convenience. Thanks for your help!



  1. Mrs. Buchanan says:

    Good evening, I love your store, and I try to shop there as often as I can . I drive quite a ways to get there and I’m wondering if you folks will ever have a satalite store in Morrisville ? It would make life so much easier for me, especially with the price of gas these days. Mrs Buchanan

    • Thank you.
      Morrisville IS working on getting a coop started and I know they would love to hear from you. Visit the MoCo website at http://morrisvillecoop.wordpress.com/ where you can get updates
      In the mean time let us know how we can help you in Hardwick

      Take Care
      Outreach Coordinator

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