Buffalo Mountain Buying Policies

In general, we want to carry a variety of high quality products that are wholesome, supportive of local producers, are produced in an environmentally sound and socially conscious manner, and are available
at a fair price. In our buying decisions we therefore give preference to products that are:

  • Grown and produced by local or regional vendors
  • Grown and produced organically
  • Produced without genetically modified organisms, hormones, chemical additives; artificial  preservatives or flavorings
  • Certified fair-trade and/or produced by cooperatives
  • Packaged with minimal, recycled and/or recyclable packaging
  • Humanely raised in the case of meat, eggs, and dairy products

Each buying decision requires the consideration of our criteria and the values of our cooperative. We continuously adapt and improve our product mix based on our customers’ needs and the evolving natural
foods industry and local food supply. To that end, we actively strive to keep up with and share information concerning the health, sustainability, economic and environmental impact of the products.







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