Annie Gaillard

Grocery & Frozen Co-Manger. Outreach with other coops and the industry at large

I grew up in Washington DC where I learned a healthy mistrust of my government. Peace issues have been a big part of my life since my first demonstration against the Vietnam War. I first came to VT in 1972 to attend Sterling School and later was the guinea pig class of a program they started in 1974 that has since become a 4 year college. I joined Buffalo Mountain Coop a month after it opened and was a regular sub until I got hired in 1985. I am co owner of Surfing Veggie Farm in Walden, VT with Louie Pulver. We have been farming together since 1980, had our child, Heather and built our solar house in 1984. We have 3 horses, 2 cats, and a flock of chickens. My favorite things to do are digging in my garden, riding my horse, Harley, canoeing and cross country skiing.