Jon Pepe

 Produce Manger

I grew up in a city suburb a step away from West Philadelphia.  As a child I was far removed from the concepts of fresh food, gardens and farms.  For a short period I did work at a large natural food market.  There I was able to learn more in depth about produce, but I still had no concept of what it was like to grow or harvest a fresh vegetable from the ground.  I had no idea what a beet or carrot looked like growing in the soil until I left Philadelphia 4 years ago. When I decided to leave Philadelphia, I set out with several intentions- one was to learn more about growing food and where what we eat comes from.  I was lucky to end up landing here in Northeastern Vermont where there is an abundance of information and opportunities to do this.  I love that for many people here it is a way of life

Eventually, I picked up some shifts here at the Buffalo Mountain Coop in the produce department as a sub.  I was not only excited to once again be working with food but also thrilled to be working with people who have so much dedication and convictions regarding the efforts and mission of the store.  I have already learned so much more working alongside Frey, from the other staff, and from the wealth of knowledge from our members and local farmers.  I do feel so blessed to work for a business and community that I can stand behind so fully.