Creating a Shared Vision Of the Coop’s Future

“The world is such a changeable place that you need to have a well-articulated long-term sense of where you’re going, which gives you the base, the confidence, to take on whatever adaptability issues come along without losing your sense of direction. You’ve got to respond to the issues of the moment without losing that long-term sense.”
Riding the Waves of Change
By Professor G. Morgan
       It is in this spirit that the Buffalo Mountain Food Coop has embarked on creating a long-term vision. Over the course of nearly forty years we have fostered a business around which a strong community of farmers, foodies,
activists, families, educators and leaders has gathered. In large part we have been able to react to the blessings and challenges in front of us as they came with the support of this community. But where are we going? What have we created that we would like to protect for future generations? What other creations lie in our future?
       Aside from the Mission Statement and the social-cultural climate created by our members and workers there is  nothing officially written that guides our practices. And while this would appear to have been a sufficient compass for the last four decades, there is a sense that we could be doing more for our members and the community at large if we just had a map.
       The Board of Directors and The Collective Management Team invite you to participate in creating this map. We invite interested members to join Focus Group or even attend an Open Forums to be held in the coming months. Member Owner Surveys will be available at the Co-op, in the Bullsheet and in the for downloading.
If you are interested in participating in an Open Forum or Focus Group please indicate that on the survey or contact Rachel at the Coop or via email at
Survey results are in!!
Download a copy or find a hard copy at the front of the store at the podium

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