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Care of Employees

The Co-op board has generously moved to both increase paid time off and wages during this crisis. Employees who aren’t feeling well are encouraged to stay home at the first sign of illness and are given more sick pay if they need to cover the time off. We don’t want employees to have to choose between being paid or staying home to take care of themselves. Employees also received a hazard pay increase of $2/hr.

Some Co-op staff members have changed their hours to earlier or later day to be in the store when it is quieter. Other staff members have chosen not to work at this time. We support them in their decisions to do what is best for them and their families.

COVID Protocols

In addition to the staff policy changes and curbside pick up, the Co-op has implemented safety protocols in response to Covid19. Staff who are working in the downstairs shopping area wear masks. Our cloth masks, made by Rui and Jessie, are sterilized after every use. Frequent and thorough handwashing and glove use are encouraged. When filling orders, one personal shopper picks each order to reduce the number of people touching the groceries.

Throughout the day, frequently contacted surfaces are sanitized, and bulk bin scoops are sterilized frequently. Outside of work, staff members are asked to take their temperature daily and follow strict physical (social) distancing.

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