Annual Vote Results!

Annual Vote Results!

CONGRATULATIONS!  The ballots have been counted and 86% voted YES for the move!  This is the most exciting development BMFC has experienced in decades!      

A huge THANK YOU to all of the 552 BMFC Member-Owners who Let Their Voices be Heard!  

Now that we have achieved this step, we can proceed in a thoughtful way with our next steps, which includes financing.  We will keep you informed as we move forward. Our website is a great resource; regularly check out the Co-op Move page.

As an owner, YOU will have the opportunity to help guarantee BMFC’s continued success by putting your dollars to work in our community. Stay tuned for details!

Also, we would like to applaud our two new Board of Directors, Maia Mencucci & Jaquelyn Rieke, and two returning Board members, Katrina Razionale & Heather Davis. We look forward to their collective leadership!   

Thank you Member-Owners for your continued support and participation! We are committed to keeping you informed about our progress!

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