Board Election Results Are In!

Thank you to all who participated in our board election. Over 240 people voted.

We are pleased to have Keith Bellairs, the current board Treasurer, continue in his role. We welcome Steve Gorelick’s return to the board and Heather Davis and Katrina Razionale’s joining the board. 
At the same time, we are sad to see David Ludt, the current board Vice President, leave. Thank you, David, for your dedication to the Co-op and the hard work you’ve put in. Thanks, too, for your willingness to continue to help the Co-op by working on special projects. Your perspective and input at meetings will be missed.
We look forward to utilizing Heather’s education and work experience in food security, agriculture, community development, and economic justice issues in the Co-op community. Katrina’s work in local agriculture and economic development will be an asset to the Co-op community.  We are hoping our ties to the Center for Agricultural Economy will grow stronger with her serving on the board.

Thank you for voting in this great team to lead the Co-op. 

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