Board of Directors Candidates

Board of Directors Candidates

Heather Winner

(former buyer for beer/wine and frozen sections)

Heather Winner began her career in public service managing volunteers and fundraising for public radio. She has more than 22 years of experience in nonprofit management, community health strategies, and organizational development. During her time working on campus and in the community, Heather created and delivered high impact educational content to a wide variety of stakeholders, provided project management and strategic guidance to executive leadership, and facilitated consensus-building workshops. Heather also had the awesome opportunity to work as a buyer for the Co-op during its transition phase from December 2021-July 2022.

Heather graduated from Colorado State’s Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Education program in 2008 with an emphasis on student health and wellness. She has certificates in professional development coaching and facilitated decision making. An active outdoors-woman, gardener and cook, Heather lives in Cabot and is a rural firefighter/first responder.

Why do I want to join the board?

I’d be honored to join the Buffalo Mountain Market board! My interest in joining the board stems from the fact that I want to continue to support the important work of making the Market a vibrant center for customers and staff to access high quality products and important employment opportunities – all while creating a welcoming environment for everyone.  I believe my seven months as a buyer in the wine and frozen foods departments, as well as my deep experience in community development and nonprofit management, gives me a unique insight into how we can build a sustainable future for the Market.


Chris Duff

I’ve been a member of the Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op community for about 32 years and have served on the board twice before, in the early 90’s, again in 2012 and more recently elected in 2020.  During my time on the board we drafted the Policy Governance, our Vision Statement, adopted the current equity system and adopted the new Bylaws, and purchased the new store.  I have been part of the committees to plan for the future of our Coop and hope that we are able to maintain the collective spirit through any transformations.  We have a very special community here in Hardwick and I’ve always felt privileged to be part of it.  The next phase of the Coop will be exciting but I’m sure challenging at times, and I’m up for the task.



Bruce Kaufman

Hi, I’m Bruce Kaufman.  I’m the farmer at Riverside Farm in East Hardwick.  I have served on the board of directors at Buffalo Mountain Co-op since 1989, currently in the role of treasurer.  I have been dedicated to the cooperative model of people/community owned food systems for over 45 years.  Moving the store has been quite an endeavor, which I hope to help finish.  Thanks to everyone who has help with it. 




Kelly Nottermann

I am a loyal local shopper since 2001 of the Buffalo Mountain Co-op, Hall’s Market turned the Village Market, and now the Buffalo Mountain Market. I value locally produced food and also deeply care about food access and food security for everyone in our community. Local grocery stores provide more than just food to a community – they build the community by offering sustenance, employment, a meeting place while helping the local economy thrive by circulating more dollars within a community. Operating a store within walking distance of a village creates food access for community members with potential food insecurity.

I currently work as the communications director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF), based in Montpelier. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to stay close to home I work remotely from my home in Hardwick most of the time so I regularly stop in for last-minute lunch items. For VSJF, I am responsible for marketing communications, public relations, and social media for all VSJF programs, including Farm to Plate. The Farm to Plate Network is responsible for collectively implementing the 15 Strategic Goals of Vermont’s 2021-2030 food system plan. I think my work at VSJF would make me a good fit for the board because I can offer the latest resources and support available from a statewide food system plan level.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in journalism from the University of New York at Buffalo. I started my writing career as the full-time reporter and photographer for the Hardwick Gazette in 2001. Prior to VSJF, I worked as the senior copywriter and senior social content strategist for eight years at Gelia, a global marketing communications agency. I’ve held various marketing, writing and social media positions in New York and Vermont.

I currently serve on the board of Four Seasons of Early Learning, a non-profit early education organization offering nature-based preschool, infant and toddler care in Greensboro Bend. For the Four Seasons board, I regularly share Farm to School grant opportunities as I hear of them and support the Executive Director in offering exceptional programming to children from over 10 towns. Previously, I served on the board of the Northeast Kingdom Arts Council (NEKarts), which manages the programming and preservation of the historic Hardwick Town House.

I grew up surrounded by farms in Western New York and you may recognize my last name because my husband, Ben Nottermann and his parents, Nancy and Helm, run  Snug Valley Farm in East Hardwick. The farm produces 100% grass-fed beef, pasture raised non-GMO heritage pork, 100% grass-fed lamb and five acres of pumpkins. I live in the village of Hardwick with Ben, our son Fritz, our dog Maggie, and our flock of chickens (unfortunately the chickens are not allowed to live in the house though).

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