Curbside Pickup at Buffalo Mountain Co-op

We moved to curbside pickup on March 20, 2020 in response to the Covid19 pandemic. We believe this service is the safest and best way to serve our community. Know that we are committed to keeping our community fed.
How to Order
Email Please include your full name, phone number, and indicate how you will pay. If you want to use a check, we need the check number to process the order.  Note: We are not taking cash at this time.
Call 802-472-6020 or 802-424-6986 and someone will take your order.
How it Works
We process orders in the order in which they are received. The days starts with a pile of orders from the end of the previous day and after closing.
Picking up Orders
We will call when your order is ready. If you arrive before you are called, we cannot guarantee your order is ready. 
If we know when you are arriving, your order will be on the table outside waiting for you.
Otherwise, a staff member will come out and assist you with your order.
Note: Please keep your social distance when picking up an order. Please stand six feet away from the door so we can safely step out to greet you.
Hot Tips
Put money on your personal Credit Account (AKA Gift Card) and charge your orders to your account. Cutting out this time-consuming step in our process makes it so we can fill more of your orders! Call us to do this.
Let us know when you place your order if you are willing to accept substitute items.
We sadly cannot pack orders in previously used reusable bags at this time. We also are not using cardboard boxes.
Make sure you pick up all your bags. We are packing dry goods, refrigerated, and frozen items in separate bags. The bright paper attached to your bag indicates how many bags you have in your order.
We have gorgeous bread, meat, and produce for you.
Check out our website and social media for current availability. 

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