Excuse Our Mess

Excuse Our Mess

Our parking lot is getting a much-needed upgrade starting in the next couple of weeks. The process may be messy as we work toward a better place for you to park, so thank you for your patience.

The first step is to remove the current asphalt and dig up the trench needed for an ADA-accessible ramp. As soon as the asphalt is removed, the new fill goes down, and it will be a better parking surface than we have now. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to get into the store and park in the lot during this time.

The concrete barriers will disappear as the resurfacing work happens, and a wooden fence and planters with benches will take their place. The wooden barriers are all removable to accommodate winter snow and more work on the parking lot.

When the entrance ramp and parking lot prep work is done, paving will happen.

We look forward to having a better, more beautiful parking area with picnic tables for all of you to enjoy.

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