Flood Relief

Flood Relief

We are fortunate at the co-op to have no damage to our building and equipment. Our staff has been incredible, with people stepping up to help or work more to cover shifts of folks who couldn’t make it to work.

We are doing a Food Drive for the Hardwick Area Food Pantry and other food shelves in our area. If anyone wants to help Hardwick clean up, contact the Civic Standard. Donate goods through Hardwick Neighbor to Neighbor at the Sr Center on High St in Hardwick.

The Hardwick Food Pantry has $50 vouchers for groceries and goods here at the Market. Stop by the pantry to pick one up. Thanks to the Center for Agricultural Economy for making that happen.

An employee here had the first floor of their home, and their butcher shop flooded. Due to all the work needed in their home and people trying to steal from them, staying somewhere other than their home isn’t an option. After the flood, they spent about a week living in their house with mold growing. This week the co-op was able to purchase a motorhome for them to live in temporarily with the intent to fundraise for the cost. They will be living there for several months until their home is renovated and safe to live in. If you want to donate for this family’s camper they now call home, click here.

Many people in our state have been struck hard by this flood. Our hearts are with them. There are many more resources to donate to and help throughout the state. This is a quick update on what your co-op is doing.

In Co-operation,

Emily Hershberger, General Manager

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