Anyone is welcome to become a member of the coop.  Membership requires a $120 equity investment (per adult in your household) which can be paid all at once or in $12 (minimum) annual installments (per adult in your household).

Member Benefits

  • voting on coop issues
  • member-only sales
  • discount on Coop Workshops
  • discount on special orders
  • monthly email updates about the coop
  • working member opportunities

Working Members

You may become a working member at any time by volunteering one hour per adult member of the household.  We offer a variety of jobs in and out of the coop in hopes of matching your talents and abilities with projects that will help the store and our community while being enjoyable for you.

Working members get 8% discount for one month per hour worked per adult (bread, alcohol, cafe, and a few other items are excluded).

Senior Members

Senior members are 60 years and older.  Senior Members receive a 3% discount (bread, alcohol, cafe, and a few other items are excluded).  Seniors can optionally volunteer half an hour per month to receive a 8% working member discount.

More Information:

New Buffalo Mountain Coop Member Pamphlet coming soon

Buffalo Mountain Coop Code of Conduct


Important Documents:




Have more questions?  Contact the Coop or stop in and ask!