Why join the Co-op?

Reasons to join Buffalo Mountain Co-op

The cooperative is owned by it’s members. Become one to be an active part of our community.

Keep your money local

About 2/3 of money spent locally stays in the local economy. Purchasing local products increases that amount. We encourage the purchase of local products by applying a smaller margin to them than we do non-local products. A smaller margin gives you a lower price while your friends and neighbors get paid fairly for their quality products.

Membership is Ownership

Becoming a member makes you an owner and gives you voting privileges in electing members to the board of directors. Buffalo Mountain Food Cooperative cultivates ways for members to become engaged with the store and our community. All members are welcome to attend board meetings. Ask any staff member for more information about membership.

Social Responsibility

Our mission and vision are put into practice in how we work. A buying policy informs the product mix we offer. We strive to provide healthy, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious products. The Co-op supports an annual benefit dinner for Child Haven International, an organization that provides children in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh a place to live when they need one. We also support social responsibility in our community.

Membership Promotes Community

Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op is committed to being a part of our thriving community. We support local farms and businesses. We encourage member involvement with the Hardwick Food Pantry and the Grow Your Own program with the Center for Agricultural Economy. We founded and continue to support the Community Lunch in Hardwick that has evolved into the Everybody Eats Program.

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Our Vision

As an integral part of the Hardwick-area local food system, the Buffalo Mountain Food Cooperative contributes to the health and wellbeing of individuals and families, working both within and beyond our store walls to make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact in the broader community. The Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op isn’t just a store. It’s a community with a vision for a new food future. We consider the store to be a channel for realizing our goals, not the end goal of our work together.

Tangible Membership Benefits

  • Member Discounts – We often give deeper discounts to our members. Look for our green Member Deals price tags.
  • Member appreciation days – During these sales, members receive a 10% discount on their purchases.
  • Members 60 years and older receive 3% discount on their purchases.*
  • Get a patronage dividend return when the Co-op generates sufficient profit.
  • Work in the store, volunteer at an event, or with eligible community organizations, and receive an 8% discount on purchases.

Cost of Membership

Annual equity payments are $12 for an individual and $24 for a household.

The full equity share is $120 for an individual and $240 for a household.

Membership equity payments are paid annually until the full membership equity is purchased.

Equity requirements are subject to change at the Board’s discretion.

Start and update your Co-op Membership with your next co-op purchase!

More Information:

Buffalo Mountain Coop Code of Conduct

Important Documents:


Have more questions?  Contact the Coop or stop in and ask!