Returns Policy

Buffalo Mountain Co-op Returns Policy

We are happy to accept returns and give refunds or exchanges on items in an unopened sealed container if they are done within 30 days.

We cannot accept returns on items that are purchased in bulk or are opened.

Simply return the item and we will credit you for the amount.

Note that items are allowed to sit for 36 hours before returning them to the shelves.

Curbside Pick Up

Shopping for other people provides ample opportunity for people to get the wrong item. If you receive an item in your curbside order that was not what you ordered, there are exceptions to the above policy.

If you received an item that was clearly not what you ordered, we will provide a refund or return on all items, including bulk. Bulk items do not need to be returned to the store. They do not get returned to inventory. 

If the item in question fits the description you gave us, we will not provide a return on items not in an unopened sealed container.