Vote for Board Members and Bylaws

Vote for Board Members and Bylaws

Voting for new board members has begun and will go through May 11. Vote in person at the Market. Get your ballot at the customer service desk.

We have a wonderful selection of board candidates to choose from, including our current Board President, Katrina Razionale and Board Secretary, Jaquelyn Rieke, who are both willing to continue serving on our executive committee. There are two board members remaining on the board, Chris Duff and Kelly Notterman. Your vote is for up to four new board members.

Keep reading to see more information on the board member candidates and bylaw changes.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments, April 2024

These changes are in regards to member equity and how to handle it when someone no longer is active in the co-op. They also address patronage dividends. Below are the bylaws as written with proposed changes highlighted in yellow.

2.6 Termination of Membership. A member may terminate his or her membership voluntarily at any time by written notice to the Co-op.

Proposed amendment: Termination of Membership. A member may terminate their membership voluntarily at any time by written notice to the Co-op or by failure to patronize the co-op for two years.

2.7  Return of Equity. Equity shall be returned upon termination of membership in the Co- op, under terms determined by the Board, provided that the Board has determined that the equity is no longer necessary.

Proposed amendment: Return of Equity Payments. Whenever a membership has been terminated for any reason, the Member’s equity payment may be returned, at the discretion of the Board, upon request of the Member. Subject to the Co-op’s right of setoff for amounts otherwise due and payable to it, a Member’s equity account shall be returned upon filing of a bankruptcy petition by or against a Member, or as ordered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

7.3  Consent to Take Patronage Distributions Into Income. Each person who hereafter applies for and is accepted to membership in this cooperative and each member of this cooperative as of the effective date of this bylaw who continues as a member after such date shall, by such act alone, consent that the amount of any distributions with respect to its patronage which are made in written notices of allocation (as defined in 26 U.S.C. § 1388), and which are received by the member from this cooperative, will be taken into account by the member at their stated dollar amounts in the manner provided in26 U.S.C. § 1385(a) in the taxable year in which the written notices of allocation are received by the member.

Proposed amendment: (as written above, and add the following:) Each member-owner also agrees that if their patronage dividend is not cashed within ninety (90) days of the date on which it was issued by the Cooperative, the Cooperative will have the right to make a contribution in the name of that member to support other organizations aligned with the Cooperative’s purpose in a manner as may be directed by the Board from time to time or to be returned to the capital of the cooperative.

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