Why are we doing a survey?

The idea of moving to a larger location has been bounced around the co-op for years. The Board decided to work with the Cooperative Development Institute to help us do a feasibility study. This study looks at the market and financial feasibility of a move. The results of this study will inform a decision about whether to continue to explore this move, and this survey is one part of this feasibility study. The next steps will include a focus group and a market/financial analysis.
Note that the process of deciding to move has several decision-making points. One comes after the feasibility study. Doing the study itself does not mean we are moving.  

The Board, staff, and co-op community all contain various viewpoints, and some think we should stay, while others believe that we should move. The feasibility study is being done to gather opinions, explore the facts on-the-ground, and take a hard look at a move’s financial realities. Every survey answer and letter sent is included in the analysis. The market part of the feasibility study includes all the feedback we receive.

Our diversity of opinions and perspectives makes us a stronger community. Participate in your co-op and share your thoughts with us!

Take our survey now.


Emily Hershberger, General Manager

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