Working Member Opportunities

Working Members receive an 8% discount on their purchases for fulfilling work requirements. More detailed information will be on our website soon. We are making some changes to the program so it will work better for the co-op community. For now, we do have a couple of opportunities for folks to work with us!

Coordinator for our promoting local producer posters. One of the projects of our promoting local grant is to create posters with the images of some of our local producers. We have an excellent designer and photographer working on the project. What we could use help with is gathering all the information together for the team. This project can be worked on from home. Comfort working with google docs and corresponding by email and phone is helpful. Excellent communication skills will make working with our busy local producers easier. This project will take at most three months to complete.

Notetaker for our board meetings. We are looking for someone to attend our board meetings and take notes of the meetings. Having someone outside the board take meeting minutes frees up all of our board members to participate in the meetings. Our board meeting notes are also legal documents that need to be recorded carefully. The ideal person has experience with taking meeting minutes. If you’re interested in this role, reach out and we can tell you more about what we are looking for in a note taker. Our board meetings happen once a month for two hours. Check out our events calendar to see the board meeting schedule for the rest of the month.

Recycling run. A change in our delivery cycle has made it so our recycling pick-up isn’t happening on a day we really need it. We get a lot of cardboard when we receive goods. We need someone with the capacity to haul cardboard to take the cardboard recycling out on Wednesdays. This will be needed for the summer months. In the winter we will be able to get another cardboard pick up.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities to participate or want to learn more, email

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